CeramicSpeed UFO Kjede 12 Speed

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The CeramicSpeed UFO Racing chain is compatible with the SRAM 12-speed Eagle MTB groups and Campagnolo 12-speed racing bike groups.
Please note that it is NOT compatible with the SRAM Red AXS 12-speed. The chain has a life of 600 km / 370 miles and maintains high efficiency in all conditions.

This CeramicSpeed UFO racing chain offers 2-5 watts savings over conventional lubricants. Like all other CeramicSpeed products, this chain is hand optimized in Denmark. Driving in wet conditions shortens the life of the optimisation.

The optimization process
The optimization of a CeramicSpeed UFO chain is a multi-stage process that begins with a polishing process of the sliding surfaces of the links that removes friction-generating surfaces such as roughness and manufacturing defects. The chain is provided with a cleaning unit to completely remove the inefficient factory lubricants and friction-producing impurities introduced during the manufacturing process. The next steps require infusing the chain at optimal temperatures with the optimization mixture. For the final step, Teflon powder is applied to the chain. The entire process allows the sliding surfaces of an ultra-fast CeramicSpeed UFO chain to have different lubricating layers working together as a system for ultimate chain efficiency.